James is working on understanding how inflammation and neurogenesis impact olfactory and hippocampal with emphasis upon how age-related changes contribute to age-related cognitive decline.†

James McGuiness

PhD Student

Aditya has been employing multiplex fluorokine technology to identify immune-to-brain signaling† pathways that compromise adult hippocampal neurogenesis to better understand what beneficial aspects of the inflammatory and neuroinflammatory responses can be left intact while protecting neurogenesis and cognition from their deleterious effects.

Aditya Asokan

Post Doctoral Researcher

The Ormerod Lab welcomes Jeff Leibowitz who will be joining the lab in Fall 2013 to study how aberrant neurogenesis and inflammatory signaling contributes to seizure behavior in a rat model of epilepsy.

Jeff Leibowitz

In coming PhD Student

Jeffrey LeibowitzDonnelly, G

Garrett has been busy generating an axolotl neural progenitor cell line to study CNS regeneration.

Garrett Donnelly

Masterís Student